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What Your Home Needs For the Ultimate Garden Party

Welcoming friends and family into your home and garden, whether to celebrate an event or simply get together, is one of the most fulfilling activities you can experience. Promising the weather is in your favour, garden parties can be a great way for children to socialise and adults to dine together, all within the privacy and safety of your own outdoor space.

Gardens, and homes, aren’t innately equipped to support such events, however. Anyone who has neglected their garden for a few weeks will know just how quickly an outdoor space can become unwelcoming. The absence of assets too, such as outdoor dining furniture that can allow guests to relax comfortably, can also impact your potential event.

This is why we’ve put together a list of everything your home needs for the ultimate garden party!

Tables and Chairs 

Whether you are sitting down together to eat a large shared meal, hosting a buffet, or simply want a comfortable spot to sit in the shade, tables and chairs are essential. Being left to stand will leave people feeling tired and uncomfortable, especially in the heat. So, before you begin sending out any invitations, be sure to invest in durable, weatherproof garden furniture.

Foodie Flair 

Serving from your kitchen is a great idea, as is encouraging guests to each bring a dish of their own. If you want to steal the show, however, then consider a little foodie flair and install a BBQ to make cooking a central part of the social experience. If you wanted to take it even further, you can build a fire pit, pizza oven, or a specialist smoker, such as a Green Egg, to give your gathering a gastronomic edge. 

The Indoors, Outdoors 

Having an external indoor space is a brilliant way to accommodate guests regardless of the weather. Outbuildings and summer houses can be the perfect space for guests to spend the night too. Throughout the summer, however, many outbuildings are transformed into relaxation spaces allowing guests to relax and socialise in the shade. For those wanting to impress, custom designs can even turn your garden building into a private bar or studio. 

Turn On The Lights 

Garden parties can easily go beyond the daytime and end up with guests having fun way into the evening. Without the proper lighting or heat, however, this can be difficult and result in guests leaving early. Be sure to install appropriate lighting outdoors, such as intimate solar lights, as well as heat lamps, all of which will keep the festivities going without compromise.

Privacy and Protection 

Enjoying the sunshine with your friends can be a challenge if your space is in full view of other people. Depending on your garden, installing a cover, such as gazebos, can be hugely beneficial in helping guests to feel relaxed while also offering them a cooler, shaded place to reside on hotter days. 

Focus On Fun 

Outdoor games and activities aren’t solely for children. In fact, they can often be a focal point for adults to enjoy too. Simple features, such as hoops and waterslides can bring out the inner child of your closest friends and family, giving them a great reason to have fun and make the day memorable.

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