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When To Change Your Windows?

In a dwelling, the windows, when they are not in good condition, are responsible for 10 to 15% of energy losses and, therefore, an additional cost on your heating bill. Not to mention that the wear of the joinery can lead to a lack of aesthetics for your facade.

Thus, to check the condition of your glazed surfaces and their frames, it is useful to have a precise diagnosis carried out by a professional. This document allows you to quickly determine if a renovation is still possible or if a complete replacement of the opening is necessary or you need a Patio sliding door repair.

3 Wear Criteria To Study Before Carrying Out Work

Before deciding about your bay windows and wooden, PVC, or aluminum windows, take the time to observe their general condition. You will thus obtain a first indication of the possible energy renovation or masonry work to be carried out by Apex Window Werks for instance.

Energetic Efficiency:

Are your windows still insulated? Do they have double or even triple glazing for some? Do they offer good insulation against drafts, cold, and heat? Do you observe the formation of condensation, a sign of a thermal bridge, when the outside temperatures fall below 0°?


Do you know the age of your windows? Depending on the materials used, each window has an average lifespan; 15 years for wood joinery, 25 to 30 years for aluminum windows, 30 to 40 for PVC windows, and up to 50 years for aluminum wood joinery.


Considered secondary, the aesthetic criterion can motivate the realization of certain works on your openings, particularly for a greater harmony of the facade or interior decoration elements.

Repair Or Replace A Defective Window?

However, it is not mandatory to change all the windows simultaneously. Beyond the essential question of the cost of renovation – the price of windows and installation – it is also a question of correctly evaluating the needs.

The Window That Closes Badly: Your window is having trouble closing. You have to force the handle when opening and closing. An optimal solution is installing a new cremone bolt to repair your glazing effectively and inexpensively. Present on all double-leaf windows and patio doors, it allows — along with seals — total airtightness and increases the security of your openings.

The broken window: After investigation, you notice that the glass of your window is split or cracked. Here again, total removal is not necessary. Call on the services of a glazier to quickly replace defective double glazing.

The tired woodwork: As a natural material, wood works, lives, and breathes. It is also more easily exposed to bad weather. Thus, an existing damaged or aging frame can be entrusted to a carpenter for repair as long as mold or xylophagous insects have not attacked it.

The old window: However, there comes a stage where replacing the frame of a window becomes unavoidable. This is achieved when the thermal or sound insulation is degraded, when the presence of single glazing is observed or when the framing elements — opening and fixed — are damaged by humidity or show excessive damage.

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