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Which Bathroom Wall Light To Select

General Bathroom Lighting Features

High Output

Bathroom wall lighting is generally designed to have high output because individuals have a tendency to like brightly lit bathrooms.


– As the earth has be energy conscious, manufacturers allow us methods to increase energy-efficiency without reducing the light output. This helps whenever you understand that bathroom lighting is usually left on for lengthy amounts of time so being efficient is needed lower your energy bills.


– For optimal safety and also to be sure that your light is supposed to go in which you would like it to, you need to look into the classification from the fitting. Bathroom lights are generally classed into three zones:

Zone – IP 67 – For within the bath/shower itself. They are completely waterproof.

Zone 1 – IP 44 – For over the bath/shower to some height of two.25m in the floor. They are splashproof although not completely waterproof.

Zone 2 & 3 – IP 20 – .6m outdoors the perimeter from the bath and also to a height of two.25m in the floor

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating is classed by the quantity of dust or fluid the restroom light allows within the unit without causing damage. It’s clearly important when choosing your ideal light fitting that you simply check if the IP rating from the light matches the region of the bathroom that you would like to put it.

Bathroom Light Types

Bathroom Strip lights


– Strip lighting is attached to the wall and tend to be placed on the top of the mirror to really make it simpler to shave in order to perfectly apply make-up. Many people use these to illuminate their bathroom but predominantly they should increase your view within the mirror.

Shaving Plug

– Some models come with a shaver plug so it’s not necessary to be worried about your battery going in the center of shaving.

Single light

One other popular option utilized in modern bathroom lights are the only light.


– These single bathroom wall lights come in several sizes and shapes and they’re frequently utilized as a wall-mounted option to a ceiling light. 2 or 3 single lighting is strategically placed to light up your bathrooms can provide it a shadowy romantic feel and it is frequently observed in modern designer-built bathrooms.

You can also get Twin or triple wall-mounted lights and forms of made to illuminate the restroom.


– Many single lights also boast a dimmable option, helping you to set the atmosphere inside your bathroom while you bathe.

Other Bathroom Lighting Types

Fluorescent Wall Lights

Another style may be the fluorescent wall light. Searching much like (and doubles as) a ceiling light, it is made to be mounted horizontally and can produce a really classy effect within the right bathroom setting.


– Fluorescents are typically highly energy-efficient with bulbs in a position to last many years.

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