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Your Top Tips to Cleaning Out Clutter and Junk in Your Home or Office

The thing to remember about cleaning out clutter and junk in your home or office is that it definitely cannot be rushed. It’s important for you to set up a schedule and timeline, of course, but the activity itself cannot be properly accomplished if you are trying to get it over and done with as quickly as you can. If you try to do this, you could well end up making some crucial errors or not be able to dispose of some items that you should be disposing of, simply forgetting to include them as well. You can definitely benefit from a well-organized process, and here are your top tips for cleaning out clutter and junk in your home or office.

  • Commit to the task

The job of cleaning out clutter and junk can seem daunting, so it’s important to commit to the task – but also to break it down into different phases. This will make it more manageable. For example, if you are trying to clear out clutter and junk at home, you can spend four to five hours every weekend to accomplish the job. But if the area you want to clean out has not been organized in more than a year, remember that you may need more than a single weekend to tackle it.

  • Empty it out and then clean it

Another tip is to empty it out and then clean it. This means removing everything from the space or room. But if you simply cannot empty the space or room in one go, you can clean out half of the area or space and then do the other half once the first half is finished. If you want to remain motivated to do it, you can paint the rest of the space that is already finished in white – if one part of the room is properly finished, you are less likely to neglect the other half.

  • Sort through it

Every item you remove from the space should be sorted. To decide whether an item or piece of furniture is worth keeping, think about its value or condition. If you feel that you can still use it or repurpose it, then set it aside. If you know that it should be disposed of, set it in another area as well so it can be picked up by a junk removal service when all is ready. You should also set aside items that you may want to sell or donate, as suggested by a Fort Myers junk removal expert like Evergreen Junk Removal Services.

Other considerations

The removal of junk from your premises is easy if you rely on an expert firm to remove it and haul it away for you, but before your junk removal firm arrives, it’s no use cleaning up and rearranging everything yet – especially if there is still a lot of stuff in your space and you don’t have enough room.

Keep in mind that you may have plenty of recyclable items, and it’s better to have these items recycled than simply hauling them off to the landfill or placing them in the trash. This is where an expert in junk removal can help as well, since many will know which items can be recycled and can take care of that for you, too.

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